Sunday, September 22, 2019

Business Insurance

You can choose from a wide range of insurance cover specifically tailored for business owners. We'll help you choose insurance protection for your business, whatever kind of business you are in. You'll always speak with a local agent who will get to know you and your business, and will be on hand to provide you with the best cover and advice, whenever you need it. Whether you are contemplating starting a new business, are a new business owner, or have owned a business for many years, commercial insurance can be one of the most important ongoing financial investments you make in the life of your company. We'll help you protect your business and livelihood through recommending the right insurance to match your business needs. Because agents work directly for the insurance company, if there is a claim the agent may advise the client to the benefit of the insurance company.

A business property insurance policy pays for damages to your business property resulting from a covered loss. Commercial insurance is there to protect and defend your business, and to get you back to business in the event of a disaster or sudden, unexpected loss. Most theft losses are comparatively small, fall under the deductible, are excluded, or are uninsured. In the event of a lawsuit or liability claim, without insurance, your business could fold. Whether you store inventory in your home, drive your personal auto for business, or have leased property that you need to insure, you have special considerations to think about when insuring your home-based business. An Excess Casualty policy, or excess liability policy, provides extra protection from a catastrophic event such as damage caused to your business by a hurricane.

GEICO can help you determine the coverage you need based on how your vehicles are used in conducting your business and who will be driving your vehicles. Whether you are new to the industry, setting out on your own, or expanding an existing agency, you have come to the right place. In the event you have been working within the business for a while, it maybe a time to get your own insurance coverage agency up and working. Landlord coverages are written through non-affiliated insurance companies and are secured through the GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. Whether you choose to shop by phone or online, getting a Progressive Commercial insurance quote is easy. Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from the things that can damage your home, belongings, or hurt you financially.

Public liability insurance can protect your business against claims to cover damages and legal costs that people may make against your business. Insurance does not cover all costs and cannot replace customers that defect to the competition. Whether you serve commercial customers, residential homeowners, or both, insurance for landscapers can protect you from general liability claims. Much like business equipment, business documents are not typically covered under your regular homeowners policy. To make sure you are covered appropriately, you may want to take out dedicated business insurance for contents and Public Liability. Public liability insurance is essential to protect you from claims made by other people for accidents or injuries in your home.