Thursday, January 17, 2019

A Business Credit Card

Many business owners choose between a business credit card or a separate frequent flyer card to keep business expenses separate. When you use a business credit card, the credit card company will send you back a monthly expense report. A business credit card is still opened using the credit profile of the primary account holder, so you should apply for a business card with the same considerations you might use when applying for a personal credit card. Unlike a personal card, the company may be liable for the debt on a business credit card, not the individual. Unlike the personal credit card sector, annual fees for products are common in the business credit card space, so you want to be sure that any rewards you gain offset the additional expense of an annual credit card fee. Depending on your individual credit card company, your business credit card may not be linked to your personal credit report.

Business prepaid cards are ideal for companies with cash on hand to fund their accounts and no need to build credit as business debit card activity is not reported to credit bureaus. With established business credit, you are more likely to be approved for a business credit card or a business line of credit in the future. A great hotel rewards credit card can help you earn your way to the best accommodations while you make the purchases your business already needs. As the core of their business is credit card processing software, having business cards that are credit cards was a no brainer. The best actions you can take to easily get a credit card are to pay bills on time, only make business purchases, and try not to carry a balance. Besides the credit requirements, applicants may be denied for a Chase Ink Business credit card due to too many recent credit accounts.

You will need a strong personal credit history to be approved but it is possible to secure a business credit card without a profit. Wrong can mean you chose a card with a high annual fee when a no-fee card would have been more rewarding. Whether you spend a little, spend a lot, travel frequently, or just travel occasionally, you will find tremendous value in having the right travel rewards-earning credit card. Since credit card issuers typically assume you will be spending more on a business credit card the rewards tend to be a bit sweeter. The Ink Business Cash offers great rewards for common business expenses, as well as additional rewards in other useful categories and unlimited rewards on all other purchases. Cash back credit card rewards provide a simple way to take the edge off your purchases with flat-rate rewards that can be redeemed for a credit card statement credit.

Secured credit cards are an option to allow a person with a poor credit history or no credit history to have a credit card which might not otherwise be available. Secured credit cards are by far the easiest type of credit card to obtain, particularly if you have a poor or limited credit history. A secured credit card is a type of credit card secured by a deposit account owned by the cardholder. Secured credit cards require a security deposit, but are a good way to establish a positive payment history and start building credit. Whether you have yet to establish a credit history or have made a few mistakes in your credit past, secured credit cards will likely be the easiest card to obtain.