Sunday, March 31, 2019

Product Liability Insurance

Commercial umbrella insurance can be written to go over your business auto insurance policy and provide an extra layer of protection. With so many different types of car insurance policies out there it can be hard to choose between them all. Whether you need commercial property insurance, business liability insurance, or a comprehensive policy, HDF Insurance has a policy to protect your small business. Any time you add a licensed driver to your policy, your insurance rates will be adjusted. No matter which auto insurance quote you go with, the most important thing is your car insurance provides the coverage you need. Home insurance can protect a small, often motor-less, boat while it is on your property.

General liability insurance protects your business assets in the event that there is a claim or judgment against your business. General liability insurance covers you and your employees, but typically does not include independent contractor insurance coverage. Umbrella liability can be written to go over top of business auto, general liability, and most any other liability coverage, protecting your business from such exposure. In the event of a lawsuit or liability claim, without insurance, your business could fold. Businesses must consider all potential risk exposures when deciding whether liability insurance is needed, and, if so, how much coverage is appropriate and cost-effective. Under a general liability insurance policy, the insurer is obligated to pay the legal costs of a business in a covered liability claim or lawsuit.

A discount is available if you have a qualifying life insurance policy or home policy in addition to your ERIE auto insurance. The difference between homeowners insurance and condo insurance is how much of your home you have to insure. You can increase protection from your homeowners policy by adding an endorsement, or rider, to it. When you purchase boat insurance, you and your agent will work together to determine how much coverage you will need. The biggest difference between personal auto insurance and commercial auto insurance is personal auto insurance follows the registered driver and commercial insurance follows the registered vehicle. As an independent insurance agent, Sundance Insurance can help you determine the type of insurance policy and range of coverage that is best for your business.

Professional indemnity insurance can help businesses cover the cost of compensation claims and legal action should a client sue for negligence. To make sure you are covered appropriately, you may want to take out dedicated business insurance for contents and Public Liability. You should not consider the content personal insurance advice or personal insurance guidance, nor should you consider it personal financial advice or personal financial guidance. Professional indemnity insurance gives you cover if a client says you have given them bad advice, or that your work has caused a problem and takes legal action against you. The level of cover you choose for professional indemnity should be high enough to cover the cost of defending or settling any claims you might face. Professional indemnity insurance will protect you wherever you do your work, to ensure you are properly protected.